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Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 10:26 am Wyrdness
Posted by Sky

(title taken from Saber; cross-posted to skyfiery)

Date/Day: 17 December, 2005; Friday
Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens; beneath a huge tree

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Saber and I had settled outselves underneath the shade of a huge tree, making ourselves comfortable amongst its roots. I'd seen a guardian there, cautious but not intrusive. We greeted the tree and offered some water. We warded the place, grounded, and released our negative emotions before attempting our journey.

Our specific intention was to find out what was causing the energy leakage/s from elsewhere into our world, as others (and myself) have experienced.

We asked our guardians over to watch over/accompany us. For me, B. came. Saber's guardian (let's call him Z) also came. As an act of trust, my own guardian stood with/behind Saber, and hers did likewise for me.

We'd originally thought that since this journey was to deal with energy leakages, we'd try journeying to the Lower World. Saber went first, making her/our intention clear. B. went with her, and I went after them, leaving Z. half-guarding our physical bodies, while seeing the same thing through his bond with Saber.

At first, we thought that we were in the Lower World. But no. We realized we'd entered somewhere else: quite possibly the world from where the entities are from. (I don't presume to say that it is that world, but there's a possiblity of that)

I didn't take notice of the sky, but Saber said it was a stark, clear blue. But what I/we both saw was a barren, desert-like landscape. She saw huge bones jutting out from the ground, and mountains looming in the distance.

While she was surveying upwards and outwards, for some strange reason, my attention was drawn to the ground, so I'd crouched to run my fingers through the sand/soil grains. The grains were thicker and coarser than the fine sand of a desert, though. I also got the impression of blood - that the ground had either been soaked with the blood of the dead or of the slaughtered; or that it was born from the blood of the dead/slaughtered.

Shortly after I noticed this, I started feeling the entities/beings there. They were not physical, not even in that world. And they felt very malicious. B. restrained Saber from pursuing them. But when they pushed too much, she called on phoenix for help, and those seemed to retreat a little.

Our attention was then drawn to one part of the horizon, where we both saw this blackness tinged with crimson. I had a strong feeling that it was coming towards us, like a storm cloud rolling in.

Shaken, Saber withdrew from that world first, leaving B. and me. (For my part, I say that yes, I was also shaken, but my fear has this habit of having a delayed reaction, so at that point, I was still "unafraid") I asked the tree if I cloud draw some energy from it for protection, but instead, I saw it appear in that world, in its fullness.

At that, the entities seemed to crowd around and advance more quickly upon us. Not wanting B. and the tree to risk anything, I made all of us leave.

I think that what we all saw was so...bad that Saber's guardian himself seemed shaken with worry; B. remained his usual stoic self, but I know him enough.

Decided to runecast then, with the intention of asking what exactly that world we saw was. What was more ominous was that up till then, the air had been perfectly still, so that it was very hot. But at the moment I asked the question and cast the runes, a strong wind blew, as if in dark warning.

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Runes denoted by a * refer to face-down/reversed runes.

Wyrd instantly drew our attention. It was so close to the line it was almost touching it. I checked things out, and Wyrd represented the future, and is known also as the Rune of Fate. Saber got the strong feeling of protect your family, protect your clan from the runecast as well.

We also saw a skink - some type of lizard. Totemic connotation is to self-protect.

Mm...asking for thoughts/suggestions/experiences.
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