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Jan. 30th, 2006 @ 09:33 am Pontianaks and fear
Refer to Pontianaks

Apparently, they/it just might be appearing again. And dammit, okay, this is dangerous. Suggestions to fighting this?

Also. A question: how can we ever lessen our fear of spirits and entities? It isn't easy, I know. But suggestions, maybe?

Saber says:
Fighting them? Er, Quranic verses? Keeping your house clean? Don't have banana trees near your house?

It's not easy to say "I am not afraid of spirits and entities". To say is to be a) very brave or b) very foolhardy. We can protect ourselves but we cannot shake off the fear.

Arris says:
It eats the soul of males...and their intestines sometimes...it attacks when they are alone...it's like it has a pocket dimension...but you probably will sense it long before it's near..its presense is very dark and empty. They cannot stand being around humans much. They cannot stand energy flows from humans or animals...and they fear most animals, because they are too insubstantial.

Use strong will and try to convince it to leave you alone..it's very human. DO NOT LEAVE WHERE YOU ARE!! Make it leave you...then get someone to get you away form where you are...you cannot like leave the room you are in alone..you'll get lost in it. It actually makes you lose yourself...then devour you..I know for sure you can make it leave you alone.

Conclusion(by Sky):
Pontianaks seem to be a purely Asian entity, without its presence having been felt in other parts of the world out of Asia (or maybe, even South-east Asia) yet. At least not from what I've heard.

They are mainly vengeful human spirits; all females. The most common allusion is that they are Malay entities, hence, the suggestion of reciting Quranic verses as a deterrent to their presence.

Their presence are strongest near/at banana trees, since it seems that those trees are where they reside in. However, NOT all banana trees contain pontianaks (I've had two banana trees planted in my backyard for more than ten years, and have never felt their presences).

Summary (by Sky):
Summary of points raised by Saber and Arris

1. Try Quranic verses as deterrent

2. Pontianaks attack when males/pregnant females are alone; never when they're in a group

3. They cannot stand the energy flow from living beings, and probably will not remain revealed for too long, even after they appear

4. Try to convince it to leave you alone: it was human, after all, and are as susceptible to human foibles as anyone is

5. (for Otherkin) For direct attack, try using your were-sides, and letting the energy flow out to deter it.
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