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Apr. 9th, 2006 @ 01:31 pm Sensing malicious entities
When sensing a spiritual entity, how would you/how do you determine if it's benign/friendly, or malicious?

If it's malicious, how would you deal with it?

Arris says:
Hmm...used to be simply be feeling...by that I mean how I feel when I sense it.

If malicious, I'll construct barriers around myself and leave it alone, while gathering energy and keeping track of it.

Saber says:
For me, it's more like gut instinct/feel.

As for malicious entities, shield and banish.

Catwingz says:
I can usually feel it, how it wants to interact with me, or I can ask it what its purpose is. If it's something that I'm not prepared for, or I feel is malicious, I'll use my crystal to transmit violet transformative light into it, dissolve it, and offer it back to the universe.

siabha_maellyn says:
Good and evil tend to be extremities, and are much rarer, I think, than most people believe... but something can be harmful without being evil.

Usually if something is outright malicious, and attacking you, that would be self evident, but sometimes things are a bit more subtle...I suppose you just have to go about it like you would any person you encounter...don't trust too much until you get to know them better. I just make a habit of making a sanctuary for myself, usually my sleeping area, so nothing can get in but what I allow.

If in event I needed to defend myself psychically, I will sometimes use a variety of crystals and/or herbs, and energy work either free standing or in conjunction with aforementioned tools... tends to be a case-by-case basis... what works for one won't always work for another.

eye_of_twilight says:
Ask it if it comes in perfect trust and perfect love. Even if it lies, you'll be able to 'feel' if it's telling the truth or not. If it's not vibrating in love and happiness (sounds mushy, but negative entities can't do this), just banish it by ignoring it.

Summary (by Sky):
- Try to use your own discretion in determining if an entity is malicious or not. While many can be subtle, the clear, outright malicious ones will exude the intention - if not the feel - of harm.

- Only take the entity on only if it's directly attacking/threatening you or someone you see. If not, run from it as fast and as far as you can. Don't overestimate your own abilities.
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