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Mirrors Dark and Shadowed

Twilight and Light

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At some point in time, some of us might find ourselves becoming more sensitive, awakening to the fact that human beings aren't the only people in this world.

We've realized that many, upon first awakening, are left in the deep end of things without the slightest idea of how to handle this new world, which can be harmless or dangerous as it chooses to be.

What we hope to provide here is not THE answer to everything you're going through, to your problems, to your questions. But what we want to do is to give you a skeletal framework, and share our experiences, on how all of us have dealt with our problems.

The topics covered will include (but are not limited to):

1) Spiritual warfare
2) Amicable and malicious spirits (how to deal with them)
3) Specific "case studies"
4) How to handle increasing sensitivity/emphatic abilities

Each specific question/problem will be posted once every month, with various contributors giving their experiences on that question/problem.

The contributors are:
1) Arris
2) Saber
3) Amy
4) Hendra
5) Sky

Sky is the maintainer of this LJ. We welcome any questions directed towards us, and are open to discussion/correction of any mistakes if proven by background information/research.

Volunteers for contributions are also welcomed, especially more who are outside of the South-east Asian region.

Please direct all e-mails to: skyfiery @ yahoo. com - it's checked everyday and you will get a faster response. She will forward any e-mail to the corresponding contributor as needed.